New provisions created by the Vocational Training Act of 5 March 2014 rely on involvement of employees or job seekers. With this in mind, career guidance counselling, endorsed in January 2015, plays a central role in coordinating personal training accounts, vocational interviews, or validation of prior experience.

Career transition counselling (conseil en évolution professionnelle – CEP) is a new system, which offers support to individuals in vocational training. The system is free of charge; it is offered outside the company, and is available to all individuals, such as employees, job seekers, freelancers and public agents.

CEP is available in three service levels defined by the decree of 16 July 2014:

  1. providing customised support to individuals, putting their career into perspective, offering personalised advice and access to tailored information on occupations and training;
  2. supporting individuals to develop or specify professional projects, verifying their feasibility and identifying skills or qualifications to be acquired, developed or recognised;
  3. helping individuals to carry out their professional project, put an action plan in place and identify contacts and funding.

To benefit from CEP, interested parties should contact the organisations empowered to provide it.

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