Keep abreast of latest developments on ECVET, learn about creating ECVET units of learning outcomes, using the principles of ECVET and EQF, assessment of prior learning. You can download issue 25.

It features content on:

  • Assessment and transfer of prior learning in Danish VET - by Søren Kristensen
  • How Finland strengthened its learning outcomes-based approach - by Xavier Platteau 
  • Creating ECVET units of learning outcomes in the Czech Republic - by Helena Slivková, Martina Kaňáková and Miroslav Kadlec
  • Modularisation of VET programmes in Latvia - by Stephanie Oberheidt, Toms Feifs and Xavier Platteau
  • Using the principles of ECVET and EQF for the labour market: the success story of the YEBISU e.e. partnership - by Pauline van den Bosch
  • Proposal for a Council Recommendation on establishing a ‘Skills Guarantee’ Examples of how ECVET can support re-qualification and upskilling of workers An article by Pauline van den Bosch and Anette Curth