With ViewStat users can produce time series based on statistics produced by view.brussels on unemployment and employment opportunities in the Brussels’ Region. They can also view these data in the form of pivot tables that take customized variables into account such as place of residence (municipalities in the Brussels Region), age brackets, education level, etc.).

A new version of the statistical analysis tool ViewStat has been available online since August 2019. The application was improved and now offers additional functionalities.

View.brussels, the Brussels Observatory for Employment and Training (Observatoire bruxellois de l’Emploi et de la Formation), has been conducting research and analysis in a range of areas, these include training since 2017 within the framework of the Training plan 2020 (Plan Formation 2020). The new tool contributes to the mission of view.brussels, which  organises its activities around four strategic priorities:

  • monitoring, evaluating and analysing the transitions following training and employment measures;
  • analysing and anticipating training and employment needs;
  • observing and analysing the job market in its various forms;
  • providing support and technical expertise, especially regarding the follow-up of the Training plan 2020.

These activities improve the consistency, cross-tabulation and analysis of the statistics on employment and training. To this end, view.brussels benefits from stronger cooperation between the research and statistics services of Actiris, Bruxelles Formation and VDAB Brussels. With the last one, the relationship is based on methodology and data exchange. At a later stage, the results of these studies contribute particularly to the planning of training offers.

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