60% of the people that have participated in Vocational Education and Training (VET) got a long-term job within a month of finishing their studies.


Cedefop’s VET opinion survey asked respondents who were either working, unemployed or retired, how long it took them to find their first long-term job after their main studies.

In most cases, respondents whose upper secondary education was primarily vocational say that it took them no more than a month. Some 30% say that they found a job before the end of their studies, and the same proportion found a job within one month of finishing their main studies.

In the case of general education participants, 49% of respondents obtained a job in less than a month of finishing their studies.

The probability of finding a job for those who have not been through upper secondary education is similar to the one of VET students, but the percentage of unemployed is much larger. See the chart below for complete results.

These are some of the results from Cedefop’s first opinion survey on VET in Europe, where European citizen’s perceptions on VET in the EU-28 member states have been explored.



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VET opinion survey - finding a job after VET studies