Tripartita Para la Formación en el Empleo) funds training for employees and organisations in Spain. In 2013, its in-company demand-led training supported training in companies with more than EUR 600 million.

The Tripartite Foundation has published, for the third consecutive year, its annual report Training in companies showing main results of the national demand-led training scheme.

Summary of key figures for 2013:

  • some 478 621 companies trained 3 224 182 participants;
  • companies availed themselves of training credits exceeding EUR 608 million, with micro enterprises consuming proportionately more credit, namely 87% of the amount they were entitled to; companies between 10 to 249 employees used 71% and those over 249 workers 74% of their respective credit assignments;
  • use of credit by sector ranges between 73% in manufacturing, 80% in agriculture and 81% in hospitality/catering;
  • average training cost per participant was EUR 395, of which EUR 179 were subsidised under the scheme (cost of delivery and organisation) and EUR 216 were companies’ contributions (basically workers’ wage costs during training within working hours);
  • since launch of a bonus system for continuing vocational training (CVT) in 2004, companies have used additional credit for financing individual training permits, with a total of nearly EUR 28.5 million, 74% more than the previous year;
  • since 2004, more and more companies have benefited from the scheme. In the private sector, the coverage rate stands at 30%, meaning that every third company has offered staff training programmes;
  • average size of companies that have delivered subsidised staff training is 17.8 employees for the Spanish State. In regions such as Madrid and Catalonia sizes reached 41.2 and 26.3 staff members respectively, while other regions like Extremadura showed a smaller company size;
  • the more staff, the more training offered. Some 93.4% of large companies offer training to their employees, while only 26% of micro companies do the same;
  • of 3 224 182 participants trained through the scheme, 56.4% are men and 43.6% women. The highest female participation rate was in Catalonia and Madrid with 47.1% and 46.9% respectively, whilst Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha have the lowest participation rates for women.

More information:

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