A unified electronic system is in place for admitting learners in programmes offered by universities, colleges and VET schools. Between 2010 and 2017, the system was exclusively used in higher education; vocational training institutions conducted the admission procedure on their own, in VET schools.

Since May 2017, LAMABRO, the Lithuanian higher institutions association for organising joint admission, has extended its services to VET. Admission to formal vocational programmes, leading to a first VET qualification, will be through its electronic system.

In 2017, the joint admission process involved 19 universities, 21 colleges and over 70 vocational training institutions. Admission to vocational training school programmes runs in two phases: the first (major) admission phase took place in summer, and a second in early September to cover training places remaining vacant after the first phase. The process involved a total of 800 vocational training programmes and 120 qualifications offered at different levels.

The system allows each applicant to select up to five training programmes in the first (major) admission phase and up to three programmes in the second phase. In contrast with admission to higher education institutions, the sequential order of the chosen training programmes is not considered a priority order. Applications were evaluated against the specific requirements of the programmes and assessment results communicated to the applicant; successful candidates have signed a contract with the VET institution soon after.

The process to update vocational programmes and/or create new, modular ones started in 2015. Six programmes were offered in 2015, 32 in 2016 and 48 in 2017.

To ensure the efficiency of the system, vocational training institutions appointed advisers to help students with their registration through the new electronic system for admission.

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Prasideda bendrasis priėmimas į aukštąsias ir profesines mokyklas

Act 18 May 2017, No. 8333

Act 22 May 2017, No. 8512

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