During his first visit to Cedefop, new Greek Deputy Minister for Education Georgios Georgantas praised the agency’s work and expressed his willingness for closer cooperation.

Cedefop Director James Calleja and Deputy Director Mara Brugia welcomed the Greek government official. Mr Calleja said: ‘The centre wishes to work closer with Member States and Greece offers us a huge challenge in trying to give young people more employment opportunities.’

Mr Georgantas noted: ‘Cedefop’s work can be an effective tool for every government and it can assist in the effort to give vocational education and training the place it deserves.’

Cedefop experts discussed the implementation of Greece’s national qualifications framework with Mr Georgantas, who said that he has asked for a report on the delay of the process.

Acting Head of Area ECVL Loukas Zahilas informed Mr Georgantas that Cedefop has started an apprenticeship programme review with Member States, with Greece one of the countries to be reviewed in 2015. Expert Konstantinos Pouliakas added that Greece has the biggest skills mismatch problem in Europe.

Both sides agreed that the visit can serve as the platform for greater cooperation.