The national continuing education strategy was jointly adopted in mid-2019 by the Federal Government, federal states (Länder), industry, trade unions and the Federal Employment Agency.

In this new continuing training strategy, all strategy partners are pooling their efforts. The overall goal is to establish a new continuing education culture in Germany: more than in the past, continuing education has to be seen as a matter of course and as a lifelong necessity. According to the federal minister for research and education, the new strategy is a milestone for advanced vocational training: continuing education in occupations should be part of working life in the future.

This has to be organised in a way that meets the changing needs of the labour market and is beneficial for the individual, the economy and society. Irrespectively of age, the efforts of all employees will be supported to develop their competences and qualification.

The strategy focuses on:

  • transparency: new algorithms will make matching learning needs with education programmes easier. Certificates are digitally certified and securely stored online;
  • financing: increasing funding of further education participation by EUR 350 million in the next two years for individuals;
  • informal competences: a new nationwide approach will make informal competences visible and valuable;
  • motivation: continuing education mentors should support and promote learning activities of low-qualified employees;
  • ÜBS (inter-company vocational training centres): ÜBS will be further strengthened as centres of competence to support SMEs;
  • data: improving further and continuing education statistics nationwide for a better strategic forecast of future skill needs.

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Wissen teilen. Zukunft gestalten. Zusammen wachsen. Nationale Weiterbildungsstrategie [Sharing knowledge. Shaping the future. Growing together. National continuing education strategy]