All Bulgarian citizens have now access to an electronic self-study platform in two thematic areas: ‘Social and legal labour relationships’ and ‘Teamwork and social activities’.

Maximal training duration is four months. Each area includes a theoretical and a practical part – case studies and tests. After completing all subjects included in the respective course, students receive a certificate for improved key skills and competences needed in their work and social environment.

The platform was developed within the framework of project BG 051PO001-2.1.04 ‘Support for decent labour’, under the financial support of operational programme ‘Human resources development’ by the Confederation of labour ‘Podkrepa’.

Training offered contributes to improved employment adaptability and learning culture of employees of all age groups. It provides self-organised training using new technologies, which is one of the priorities of the national lifelong learning strategy corresponding to the common European tendencies in the development of education and training policies and practices.