The publication Responsabilità sociale d’impresa: policy e pratiche [Corporate social responsibility: policies and practices] provides a framework for national, European and international CSR policies. In this research study Italy’s outstanding CSR experiences were analysed, with focus on human resources development and corporate welfare.

The research was carried out by the Institute for the Development of Vocational Training for Workers (ISFOL) and results were presented in June 2014. The study confirms that staff training is an important pillar of CSR and a guarantee for competitiveness of enterprises, while developing skills of employees towards more market-oriented skills and assisting their personal development.

The survey analysed staff involvement in sustainability and organisation models of CSR in enterprises. In the first case, the solutions adopted are very diverse, ranging from informing staff through awareness-raising activities, to fully involve staff in the choice of CSR actions to be carried out.

Regarding organisation models of CSR, a great range of options were observed: 66% of enterprises have assigned this function to various departments; 17% to an ethical committee created specifically for this purpose; 17% have no dedicated CSR unit.

With reference to corporate welfare, multiple initiatives have been put in place by the enterprises surveyed, such as educational support, income support, welfare, health, social security, assistance, time saving strategies, work-family balance. All enterprises have activated some form of vertical or horizontal part-time work, show higher flexibility when it comes to working hours arrangements and providing permission for special needs, such as volunteer activities.

Many enterprises, especially large enterprises, insist on having a canteen and vacation camps. Over one third of enterprises provide non-compulsory integration activities to complement maternity or paternity leaves, thus encouraging and easing mobility between home and workplace. However, none of the enterprises have activated a babysitting service and only a few have a nursery.

No enterprise has forms of job-sharing.

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