Thematic Programme on Cooperation with Industrialised and other High-income Countries under the future Financial Perspectives (2007-2013)
Brussels, 25.1.2006
COM(2006) 25 final

The EU has consistently strengthened its bilateral relations with a broad range of developed countries and newly industrialised countries and territories over the past decade across different regions of the world: primarily North America, East Asia and Australasia, but also South-East Asia and the Gulf region.

The envisaged Thematic Programme for cooperation with Industrialised and other High-income Countries (TPIC) lays down a framework for widening and deepening cooperation and engagement with these industrialised countries and territories which, despite their geographic spread, structural differences and variable size, are committed to developing their bilateral relations with the EU.

Cooperation between the EU and these countries is primarily guided by the EUs own policy objectives although pursuit of these objectives will produce benefits for all concerned.

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