The 6th ICIETE Conference will seek to address the new perspectives of education and training systems imposed by their ever-changing role in an evolving multi-cultural social environment. Aiming at a competitive and dynamic Knowledge - based society, capable of sustaining economic growth combined with social cohesion, European education should in advance focus on teacher/trainer competence and evaluation of educational systems as a whole. Conference themes include:
  • Dealing with social, cultural and ethnic diversity in educational environment.
  • Organizing dynamic learning environments and facilitating learning processes.
  • Team working with teachers/trainers involved in learning process.
  • Collaboration with parents and social partners. 
  • Contribution to social and civil education. 
  • Promotion of pupil competence for the society of knowledge.
  • Linking the development of new curriculum competences with subject learning.
  • Teacher/trainers' acting in an investigative or problem solving way. 
  • Steering and promoting teacher/trainer professional development in a lifelong learning perspective.
  • Integrating ICT in formal learning situations and in all professional practice.
  • Issues of Didactics of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

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Event Date(s)
01/07/2005 - 03/07/2005
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Samos Island