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This book provides a new perspective on European approaches to
‘key qualifications’. Currently, there is a strong similarity between
these and the more recent European discussion on ‘new basic skills’.
The book provides insights into different aspects of these debates.
The first part of the book examines different approaches to ‘key
qualifications’ in Europe. The second part provides examples of crosscultural
knowledge transfer at the level of policy development in
Europe. The third part explores new issues for educational policies
and related new developments (i.e. uses of ICT in education and
training, assessing non-formal learning and the role of regional
innovations). The fourth part looks into the educational relevance of
work-related learning. The fifth part links the discussion on key
qualifications to developing learning in organisational contexts.
Throughout, the book highlights attempts to facilitate the transformation
of learning cultures in education, training and working life. The
framework for key qualifications provides essential ideas for reshaping
vocational curricula and learning environments.
Pekka Kämäräinen

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Transformation of learning in education and training

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