Europe has set the pace in the drive to a low-carbon economy. This pace is now becoming faster thanks to concerns about energy generation, resource use and environmental management. Having a workforce with the right skills is critical if we are to respond to these environmental challenges. For this we need to integrate environmental, employment and education and training policies. 

This publication is based on the Cedefop workshop on future skill needs for the green economy, which presented research results of several recent studies on green skills and green jobs (Thessaloniki  6 - 7 October 2008). The case studies included present emerging skill needs, the changing qualification needs in jobs for renewable energies and skill profiles in environment and eco-innovations.

Policies to mitigate climate change represent a serious challenge for education systems and employment in Europe. All occupations will need 'greening' - ranging from new jobs focused solely on delivering green services,  to jobs that need to change in order to take into account improved energy and resource efficiency. Workers from all walks of life need to expand their skills set to help safeguard the environment.

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