Concerning a consultation on action at EU level to promote the active inclusion of the people furthest from the labour market
Brussels, 8.2.2006
COM(2006)44 final

For those who find themselves furthest from the labour market, Minimum Income (MI) schemes can be the only way to escape extreme poverty; yet, while performing this indispensable function, MI schemes must also promote labour market integration of those capable of working. The main challenge is thus to ensure that social protection policies effectively contribute to mobilising people who are capable of working while achieving the wider objective of providing a decent living standard to those who are and will remain outside the labour market.

This communication thus has two goals:

  1. First, to review the progress achieved in the context of an enlarged Union towards the aim of fostering labour market access for those who are excluded. 
  2. Second, based upon this review, to launch a public consultation on possible guidelines for action at EU-level, with a view to promoting the active inclusion of people furthest from the labour market.