Gellért Szó, a Hungarian pastry-cook who spent his apprenticeship in France, was among the 2017 winners of the Erasmus+ campaign European faces. The campaign was part of the anniversary year events to celebrate the 30 years of Erasmus+ in the EU Member States. Gellért’s international experiences also contributed to his success, winning the ‘best cake’ competition in Hungary in two consecutive years. The example of young people like Gellért could be inspirational for students planning to apply for Erasmus+.

The Tempus Public Foundation, together with Hungarian representatives of the European Commission, promoted the Erasmus+ flagship campaign and organised several programmes and social media actions, including a tender-writing seminar for potential applicants of Erasmus+.

The aim of the event was to present an overview of the Erasmus+ mobility call, the financial, administrative and practical aspects, as well as the structure and different phases of mobility projects and activities. Many different professional fields were presented to the audience and attention was given to soft skills, such as goal-oriented thinking, needed to plan and organise a successful mobility project.

Using actual examples, the speakers elaborated on the benefits of mobility periods abroad (improving communication skills in foreign languages, raising awareness on cultural diversity and promoting active citizenship and European identity) from a lifelong learning perspective. The event was interactive, with working sessions in small groups where participants were given practical help and guidance on how to plan and complete their application, from project- and budget-planning to making a submission.

The seminar discussions also helped identify and analyse the factors that are necessary to organise a successful mobility project: establishing the needs of the applying organisation, defining the goals and expected results, creating a detailed project plan with clear roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders, and evaluating and disseminating the results.

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