Over 580 VET students competed in WorldSkills Croatia, where they demonstrated their abilities in 43 disciplines. These included, for the first time, categories for students with disabilities and cross-sectoral disciplines in technologically progressive industries, such as robotics and mechatronics. Practical and team work tasks were at the heart of this year’s event, which attracted more than 10 000 visitors.

Developed throughout 2018-19, and inspired by EuroSkills and WorldSkills, a new model of VET student competitions introduces improvements to meet the challenges competitions in VET face. These include the relevance of disciplines and task design, competitor assessment, visibility, involvement of businesses, and the unexploited potential for career guidance, job recruitment and the promotion of VET skills and occupations.

The new model streamlines the disciplines covered to include all VET sectors.  Employer input, technical descriptions and sample tasks have been developed for each discipline, which are now more closely aligned to vocational curricula taught in schools, as well as the latest industry standards. As a major shift from the previous design, the new competition tasks place practical skills in the spotlight, eliminating all theoretical examination and encouraging team work. The new model also improves competition transparency and impartiality through early publication of sample tasks, detailed assessment methods and a clear organisational structure.

Outstanding success at WorldSkills Croatia 2019

From 27-28 March 2019, the Agency for Vocational Education and Adult Education (AVETAE) organised the WorldSkills Croatia national competition in VET in six exhibition halls of the largest exhibition venue in Croatia. It involved 34 VET schools and 20 companies, along with the education ministry, the public employment service and the chamber of crafts. The event was visited by the President of the Republic of Croatia and raised significant media attention with nationwide coverage.

Competitions have been taking place for 20 years and were organised for the first time under the new model of VET student competitions. During two competition days, over 580 VET students competed in 43 disciplines and three fairs, along with 400 mentors and 210 assessment committee members. They demonstrated excellence in vocational skills to more than 10 000 visitors.

In order to promote enrolment in VET, primary school pupils visited from across the country and participated in career guidance and try-a-skill activities. The WorldSkills Croatia 2019 competition has thus become the flagship event for the promotion of attractiveness and excellence in VET. It is followed by the nationwide campaign for the promotion of VET Skills surround us. Choose vocational education! during the main enrolment period in upper-secondary education.

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