In November 2019, the Bulgarian economy ministry announced a new ICT database of employers who meet the requirements for offering places for work-based training (dual training system).

The new database is a result of the efforts of the ministry to encourage businesses to participate actively in developing their workforce. The ministry is supporting the process of introducing dual training in Bulgaria, aiming to overcome shortages in qualified personnel for the Bulgarian business and to reduce youth unemployment at the same time. The ministry advocates the active involvement of the business world in preparing dual training curricula.

The aim is:

  • to promote dual training possibilities among employers;
  • to aid cooperation between employers and VET providers;
  • to increase visibility for dual training.

Registration in the database is initiated by employers free of charge. The database will include information about:

  • name of the employer, type and size of the company, contact data;
  • professions on offer for dual training, number of places provided, workplace address;
  • data on cooperation with VET providers: name of the contracted provider, number of trainees already in training, professions;
  • number of available places for dual training.

The dual training database will be publicly available at the beginning of 2020.