Cedefop expert Slava Pevec-Grm represented the agency at an event marking the 20th anniversary of Slovenia's National Institute for Vocational Education and Training, on 25 November in Ljubljana.

The institute is the main research and policy public organisation in the area of vocational education and training (VET), supporting the Ministries of Education and Labour as well as social partners in developing and implementing VET policies. It has been cooperating with Cedefop for more than 10 years as a member of ReferNet, Europass and many other projects.

Ms Slava Pevec-Grm addressed more than 200 stakeholders from education, labour, social partners and training providers along with the Director of the institute Elido Bandelj, Education Minister Maja Makovec Brencic, Labour Ministry's State Secretary Peter Pogacar and the presidents of the chambers of crafts and industry.

In her address, she briefly presented Cedefop, congratulated the institute on its anniversary and thanked them for a fruitful cooperation with Cedefop.

She added: ‘With comparative studies and evidence on VET and skills developments in Europe and currently with the thematic country reviews on apprenticeships, where also Slovenia participates, Cedefop supports Member States to deliver VET reforms. Partnerships and cooperation are of utmost importance for reforms to succeed.’