This is the 19th edition of the Employment in Europe report, which has become one of the main tools of the European Commission in supporting Member States in the analysis, formulation and implementation of their employment policies. Employment in Europe traditionally provides an overview of the employment situation in the EU, and focuses on a limited number of topics that are high on the EU's employment policy agenda.

The overarching themes of this year's edition are a life-cycle approach to work, flexicurity and the evolution of labour income share (i.e. the part of value added that is allocated to labour). The report thus continues to inform the broad policy debate on flexicurity, which resulted in a Commission Communication on Common Principles of Flexicurity (COM(2007) 359 of 27/06/2007) and also provides analytical support to the Commission Communication on Youth (COM(2007) 498 of 04/09/2007).

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