This guide has been produced under the Council of Europe's Youth Campaign for Diversity, Human Rights, and Participation All Different- All Equal.

The campaign provides an essential stimulus for common action to promote diversity, participation and human rights. It seeks to bring attention both to the issues themselves and the methods used to address them. Such mobilisation is vital if we wish to establish strong public awareness throughout Europe of these values.

Racism, social exclusion, disempowered minorities and deficient participation are problems that can neither be solved overnight, nor by singular efforts. These problems need sustained, long-term attention which focuses on changing basic attitudes, redressing structural injustices, empowering the socially excluded and enabling properly functioning democratic societies.

Education plays a key role in these pursuits and therefore needs to be at the centre of this campaign, and beyond. This guide is intended to support campaigners, activists and educators to advocate and educate to reach these goals. The guide builds on the approaches and methodologies of Compass - the manual on human rights education for young people.

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