The third forum for dual-track education was organised in spring 2016 within the Dual education for the modern requirements and needs of society project (Domino).

The project aims to create a model and build capacity to implement the principles of work-based learning in Bulgarian vocational education and training (VET). It is a part of a Bulgarian-Swiss cooperation programme, with a total budget of CHF 3 530 000, of which 15% is the Bulgarian contribution.

The forum offered support to stakeholders introducing the dual-track approach: State institutions, private companies, professional organisations, business and trade unions, local institutions and NGOs. The curriculum for dual education covers the grades 8 to 12. There were also discussions about employment contracts, with a proposal that they should be only for grades 11 and 12 when practical training takes place. Legislative changes were proposed for the ratio of practical training in companies and schools in dual-track education, with a minimum of 70% proposed in companies.

The forum also initiated discussions about possible procedures and criteria for including companies in dual-track education, as well as quality control of the training provided.

Since September 2015, two VET schools and 81 students have been involved training within the Domino project. The students are being trained as ‘technician – technologist in dairy production’ and ‘machine technician – CNC machines’. A gradual increase in the number of schools, companies, students, qualifications and number of working hours in a real working environment is foreseen. By 2019, it is expected to cover a total of 1200 students in 15 vocational schools, trained in ten professions.


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