A Masterclass on ‘Skill mismatch in labour markets’, delivered by Konstantinos Pouliakas at the University Roma Tre in April 2017.

The 9-part course (approx. 60 min) focuses on understanding of the causes and consequences of different types of skill mismatches in labour markets. Evidence drawn from Cedefop’s skill mismatch analysis and research, particularly lessons and insights learnt from Cedefop’s European skills and jobs survey, is outlined, with emphasis on how to measure skill shortages and vertical skill mismatches, the reasons underlying the incidence of mismatch and its persistence over time. The course describes suitable policies for mitigating skill mismatch in labour markets.

Masterclass on 'Skills mismatch in labour markets' delivered by Konstantinos Pouliakas at Roma Tre University in April 2017.

Part 1/9 'Why is skill mismatch important for policy?'

Part 2/9 'Purpose of lecture'

Part 3/9 'Skill mismatch in interlocking markets'

Part 4/9 'Types of skill mismatches'

Part 5/9 'Consequences of skill mismatches'

Part 6/9 'Incidence and reasons for skill shortages'

Part 7/9 'Measuring vertical mismatches'

Part 8/9 'Overeducation and skill mismatch persistence'

Part 9/9 'Policies for tackling skill mismatch'

Special thanks for the support of Professore Giuditta Alessandrini and Riccardo Orfei of the Università degli Studi Roma TRE.

Potential beneficiaries: EU and national policymakers, experts, researchers, human resources specialists, employment advisors, consultants, students

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