Around 220 VET policy-makers, VET providers, social partners, sector or branch organisations and researchers are expected at the 3rd annual ECVET forum on 31 May and 01 June 2012 in Brussels. The forum is the annual meeting of the European ECVET network and ECVET interested parties.

The forum is the place to network and challenge peers. It will be the opportunity to develop the ECVET community of practice as a vivid space for exchange, innovation and progress. Participants will be able to listen to ECVET experiences from different European countries, take stock of ECVET developments and locate ECVET within the European 2020 strategic framework for education and training.

The forum is organised in two main sessions: the first one focuses on ECVET implementation and the related challenges to the ECVET community of practice, in short taking stock of ECVET progress and identifying the challenges to its implementation. The second session focuses on defining the ECVET community of practice, in short reflecting upon roles and resources of VET stakeholders and upon one’s own commitment to the ECVET community of practice. The two sessions should lead to a shared ECVET vision and strategy for consolidating ECVET and for further progress in ECVET implementation.

The 2012 ECVET forum is co-organised by the European Commission, Cedefop and ECVET team.


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