The Minister of Education, Angel Gabilondo, and the Employment and Immigration Minister Valeriano Gomez, have recently released details of how the vocational qualification accreditation scheme will be developed for skills acquired through work experience or informal training channels (Programa Acredita). The Government has allocated EUR 59 million to this project and the autonomous communities will organise the first applications for the scheme to be rolled out from June this year.

The autonomous communities will set their own schedule for the courses based on the number of participants, credits to be awarded for specific skills and other aspects such as the material and human resources available. An inter-ministerial committee created by the Ministries of Education and Employment and Immigration will provide all the information on the procedures carried out in each community and will ensure compliance with the principles of the scheme.

The scheme will first target professionals in the field of infant education and those affected by the entry into force of the Dependency Act as these are considered to be strategic employment sectors. It has also been decided to prioritise careers in catering and tourism and vehicle repair and maintenance services.

The procedure is expected to benefit approximately 60 000 people throughout Spain. 75 % of these (45 000) correspond to professionals in the four sectors mentioned, while the remaining 25 % (15 000 people) will be determined for each Autonomous Community based on their specific needs.

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