The May 2016 issue of 'Skillset and match', Cedefop’s magazine promoting learning for work, is now available to read and download. In this issue, an exclusive interview with European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility Marianne Thyssen during her first visit to Cedefop.

Ms Thyssen talks about Cedefop’s importance, its contribution to the upcoming Skills agenda, the challenges for employment and social inclusion the current refugee and migrant crisis creates, and shares her thoughts on how vocational education and training can become a first choice for young people.

Other highlights include an eight-page supplement on inspiring ways to tackle skill mismatch, and interviews with Cambridge University Professor Geoff Hayward and Dr Denise Amyot, President & CEO of Colleges and Institutes, Canada on the link between vocational and higher education.

The Member State contribution comes from Estonia where vocational education and training for adults makes finding work easier.

As usual, you can browse through the latest Cedefop publications and upcoming events.


Skillset and match – May 2016 issue