The Commission will launch a European Initiative on e-Inclusion in 2008. In order to prepare for the initiative the Commission will propose a comprehensive approach to e-Inclusion by the end of 2007 to support the achievement of the objectives of the Riga Ministerial Declaration (June 2006).

This consultation will help prepare the approach and will be on-line until 15th August 2007.

Feedback is expected from Europe's citizens, civil society organisations, business entities, public authorities on key areas of e-Inclusion : e-Accessibility, digital literacy and competences, inclusive e-Government, Information and Communication technologies for cultural diversity, information and communication technologies for active ageing at work and the role of stakeholders in reaching e-Inclusion goals.

Position papers, based on the issues raised in the questionnaire, can also be sent to // [at]" target=_self>einclusion [at]

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