Delivering on growth and jobs: a new and integrated economic and employment co-ordination cycle in the EU
SEC (2005) 193

The Kok report underlined that the governance of the Lisbon strategy must be improved and streamlined. Improved delivery mechanisms are therefore required. These delivery mechanisms relate, to a large extent, to the question of how the EU economic and employment coordination process is organised.

The integrated approach to economic and employment policy coordination proposes a number of changes with the aim of rationalising and simplifying the existing economic and employment coordination process and reporting. These proposals rely on the existing economic and employment coordination cycle and in addition allow the integration of a number of existing processes dealing with structural/microeconomic reform issues.

The starting point is for action programmes at EU and Member State level to be drawn up reflecting the priorities identified in the Communication. This will allow the Commission to support the reform process in the Member States whilst at the same time driving it forward at EU level. Progress on these EU and national action programmes would be monitored closely by the Commission and evaluated at the Spring European Council.

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