The beginning of 2019 brought a new project Sprong an D’Léier, which addresses young people who after the school year has started (after 1 November of each school year), are without any apprenticeship contract or are not satisfied by their choice of profession. The objective is to help such young people to find an apprenticeship contract for the following school year.

Within the scope of this project, a pedagogic team elaborates a personal training plan with the relevant young people, assists them in writing their CV and accompanying letter, and prepares them for job interviews. The work is done in small groups or individually.

The project also offers young people the opportunity to experiment with four different trades or occupations for a period of three weeks. During this phase they can experience whether they really like the relevant profession and also check if they have the necessary prerequisites. The training domains offered are building, hairdressing, personal care and restoration and metal work. For each trade and occupation, an evaluation will be done to check if the selected domains correspond to the individual’s competences and expectations.

The Sprong an D’Léier project is under the responsibility of the VET department of the education ministry and is co-financed by ESF from 01/01/2019 until 12/31/2020. The objective for this period is to take care of 240 young people in groups of around 15.

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