The 15th report on continuing training in Italy, presented in 2015, provides monitoring data on training initiatives financed through interprofessional funds.

In 2013, Italy was one of the lowest-performing countries in Europe in adult continuing training (6.3% compared to the EU 10%). Despite its negative performance, funding for the public system's continuing training was reduced considerably. In 2013 alone, more than 42% of public resources initially allocated to continuing training interventions were redirected to unemployment benefits systems, mainly to counter the effects of the economic crisis.

In 2014, 920 000 companies benefited from joint interprofessional funds for continuing training. This figure corresponded to a 9.5% increase in company participation and a 7.3% increase in employee participation. Participation increase in was more prominent in Italy’s southern regions.

Training programmes related to the maintenance sector or to transversal skills were shown to be high in demand.

Investments in innovation connected to intangible assets increased in certain manufacturing sectors and ICT services, mainly those driven by export needs.

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