More and more companies recognise benefits of an international workforce and provide training for young apprentices from southern Europe. In this way, businesses offer young people from countries with high youth unemployment sustainable employment opportunities.

The Centre for European Trainees (CET) was established in June 2014 by the Bildungswerk der Baden-Württembergischen Wirtschaft [Training Institute of Baden-Württemberg Industry] to combat youth unemployment in southern Europe and ensure skilled labour supply in Baden Württemberg.

As a central contact and service point CET:

  • supports young people from southern Europe in finding apprenticeships in Germany;
  • advises companies, organisations and educational institutions in Germany and Europe on training and mobility;
  • develops dual-system and practice-oriented VET programmes in Italy and Spain;
  • qualifies personnel and training managers in Italy and Spain;
  • provides a platform for businesses, chambers of commerce, associations, educational institutions and institutions in Italy, Spain and Baden-Württemberg.

First results are already visible: with support of CET, 60 young people from Spain will start their apprenticeships in Baden-Württemberg from September onwards. In addition, more than 30 local companies have indicated an interest in offering apprenticeships to young people from southern Europe. In Italy and Spain, CET was able to establish important contacts with employers' organisations and ministries of education.

CET aims to establish itself as a permanent institution and besides Italy and Spain other countries may be included in the centre's work in the future.

More information:

CET - Center for European Trainees