Within the transnational Cooperation (TCA) of several Equal Development Partnerships from Austria, Germany, Poland and Cyprus, we have developed a model of an innovative vocational education network (VENet model) for disadvantaged (young) people.

The model is adaptable to all European countries and is being implemented in our TCA countries at the moment. We will have practical results in the next couple of months. Organisations that are interested in implementing a regional VENet model in their country get supported by our TCA partners.

For more information please have a look at our website www.venet-eu.com

The aim of the event is to mainstream and position the VENet Model sustainably. Experts should get an insight into the practical work (our national projects will be presented in an extra room and may be visited before and after the event), practitioners should get information on future programmes and perspectives.

 As audience we target European experts and politicians in the field of employment, education, integration into the labour market, antidiscrimination etc. There will also be representatives of the four projects from Austria, Cyprus, Germany and Poland as well as representatives of NGOs in the audience.

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