From 2014, Cedefop is responsible for the development of the EU Skills Panorama. The objective of the Skills Panorama is to improve transparency on the European labour market by providing online access to national, sectoral, European and international data and research findings on skills and labour market prospects.

In this context, in 2014, Cedefop carried out a feasibility study to assess the availability and fitness-for-purpose of existing Labour Market Information (LMI) on skills and related issues at a pan-European level for supporting career advisors and employment services in their daily work. The study developed recommendations on how such support can be achieved through the use of LMI. Based on the outcomes of the feasibility study, a new interface for these target groups (career advisors and employment services) is to be developed to extend and improve the Skills Panorama functions.

The interface will be designed for use by careers guidance experts and all those responsible for ensuring that people are able to successfully enter and progress in the labour market across Europe. The support and expertise of EURES advisors is of utmost importance to the entire endeavour of producing an LMI tool/interface within the Panorama. The aim of the workshop as a whole is to ensure that the needs of this group are being identified and collected.

Workshop objectives and methods of working

This one-day workshop aims to obtain insights from EURES advisors about the type of information they would expect in the Skills Panorama to best serve their needs to assist them in their day-to-day jobs.

Around 10 participants (EURES advisors) will be involved in the workshop, which will be facilitated by Cedefop’s experts as well as other experts involved in the project. The workshop will use interactive methods of working (small group exercises, brainstorming, etc.).

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Alena Zukersteinova
Ilias Livanos - DVS
Expert in skills trends and intelligence