Message From the Organizing Comittee:

We would like to invite everyone interested in eLearning to join us in beautiful Lisbon to attend a conference which is integrated in the Portuguese Presidency of the EU.

This conference intends to be a discussion and networking place for policy makers,human resource managers, chief learning officers, knowledge managers and also teachers, trainers and other learning experts.

With the Lisbon Agenda as a scenario how can eLearning and the information and communication technologies in general contribute to the promotion of incluison lifelong learning, innovation and knowledge management and enhance individual and organisational performance?

Delegates and speakers are invited to discuss these and other issues and contribute with suggestions and reccomendations to european eLearning and eInclusion strategies. The conference includes sessions which will focus mainly on these three areas of interest:

Digital and Social Cohesion;

Re-skilling for the Knowledge Society;

eLearning Value.

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Event Date(s)
15/10/2007 - 16/10/2007
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