The European Research Overview (ERO) promotes European VET research reporting and cooperation. ERO supports the exchange of knowledge and information for the research community, for policy makers and practitioners. It also fosters close collaboration with European and national research networks and research bodies.

As from 2008, ERO aims to develop and share new thinking about European and cross-national research on VET-related topics. It will explore the key themes and findings of current national and European research. ERO will pay specific attention to educational aspects, but will also rely on insights from other disciplines, wherever appropriate.

The National VET Research Reports (former ENRRs), prepared in collaboration with ReferNet, the European network of reference and expertise, are published every two years. They allow in-depth analyses of current national VET-related topics. You can access the Research Reports for 2007 in the VET-Bib.

The next ENRRs will be published in 2009/10 and will focus on the following topics:

  • Benefits of VET · VET financing
  • VET and Employment-related mobility and migration
  • Effectiveness and quality assurance of VET and VET institutions (incl. measures, initiatives, instruments, evaluation and indicators)
  • Governance of VET systems
  • Transitions (e.g. school-to-work, VET and higher education, VET and general education, labour market re-entrance, transition from labour market to retirement)
  • Social mobility, equity and inclusive education
  • Labour market groups at risk
  • Professionalisation (incl. VET teachers and trainers)
  • Curriculum research and didactics: learning and teaching

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