Labour market information toolkit

Is an online dynamic platform for practitioners highlighting the importance of LMI and the use of ICT tools including definitions, examples, methods, national LMI sources, selected ways of LMI integration as well as information on the necessary LMI skills.

Handbook for transferability of ICT and LMI based practices

Is a tool for managers identifying the 25 most innovative practices across Europe with proposals for an effective transferability and adaptation to the new context. It provides a Decision-Making Tool for transferability assessment. There will be a pdf version and an interactive 3-layer online version.

Training modules on ICT and LMI for practitioners and managers

Consist of 8 training modules aimed at better equipping managers and guidance practitioners to implement practices in ICT and LMI. They help to reflect on the implications of new technologies in LMI and make informed decisions on how it is best used in their services. Links to relevant technical resources are provided where relevant. Initially a pdf version will be available, but a more dynamic e-learning environment is desirable for near-future development.