On September 19 in Riga there was a conference at national scale with some foreign experts present concerning career education and its development possibilities in Latvia.

The event was organised by the State Education Development Agency (VIAA), which is a sub-unit of the Ministry of Education and Science, and it was the second meeting for the participants of the project "Provision of career education programmes within education system" (KIPNIS, 2005-2007).

The project, supported by ESF, aimed to improve career counselling and availability of it at education establishments within the context of lifelong learning. As two of the issues discussed during the conference was the necessity of career development support for youth, and how the career guidance might be integrated in a regular school system. Furthermore, the products of the KIPNIS (informative materials, publications, study programme for career educators etc.) were presented; the most significant product was the National Data Basis of Education Possibilities (NIID, Nacionālā izglītības iespēju datu bāze), which was launched on the same day: www.niid.lv

The NIID includes information about education establishments and study programmes in the country. Between sessions there was opportunity to visit exhibition on the products of the KIPNIS.

The 273 participants of the conference represented the field of career education and education (schools, legal bodies, social partners).