The SKILLSNET e-bulletin October 2016 Issue has just been send to skillsnet members and published here in a pdf format.

The highlight of the October issue of the Skillsnet e-bulletin refers to the "Mismatch priority occupations" country analytical highlights presented for the very first time on the Skills Panorama.

Cedefop has developed an innovative risk-based approach to identifying skills shortages (and surpluses) according the need to be prioritised by policymakers. The approach has used international data to construct comparable indicators to reflect skill mismatches in the labour market across all Member States and occupational groups within.

However, its real strength is that it has combined this quantitative analysis with qualitative insights by country experts, who have utilized their knowledge of their country’s labour market to refine the list of occupational skills shortages (and surpluses). Using this approach, mismatch priority occupations (MPOs) for each of the EU 28 Member States have been identified. Each country’s report does not only list the occupations that have been prioritized but also discusses the reasons underlying these mismatches and any attempts that are currently made to tackle them.

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