The SKILLSNET e-bulletin March 2018 Issue has just been send to Skillsnet members and published here in a pdf format.

The highlight of the March 2018 issue of the Skillsnet e-bulletin refers to the new blog article of Pedro Moreno da Fonseca titled "How can guidance services make the most of technology and information?" which is published on the Skills Panorama.

Labour market intelligence (LMI) is being produced in vast amounts across Europe, providing insights on where jobs are, where to find the best training and which are the best opportunities for mobility. Recent developments in information technologies (ICT) allow developing websites and phone apps, which make this information more accessible to the ones who need it. Moving away from traditional face-to-face to distance services comes with challenges however: adequate strategies are necessary to provide the full range of guidance and counselling activities with a new set of online tools. LMI is embedded in all those activities and selectively used. Continue reading here.

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