Almost a quarter of all apprenticeship contracts are terminated before completion - a rate that alarms all affected parties. This is exactly what the Berufsbildungswerk Südhessen (bbw - Vocational Training Centre South Hessen) innovative service provision addresses.

The neue akademie für berufliche Bildung des bbw Südhessen (bbw Südhessen new academy for vocational training) will support companies throughout all stages of the vocational education and training (VET) programme.

The programme not only helps enterprises avoid apprenticeship drop-outs, but also to counteract future skilled-labour shortage.

’Given the skilled labour shortage, the demand for qualified young talent increases, explains Renée Seehof, Managing Director of bbw Südhessen. ’It becomes increasingly important for companies which provide vocational training to bring every apprenticeship to its successful conclusion.’

Successful vocational training begins with choosing the right apprentices for the enterprise, not only from a professional point of view, but also with respect to personality. This is why the new academy provides support at this early stage.

Apprentices often display a lack of social skills. Frequent complaints include lack of determination and low frustration tolerance. However, these key qualifications can be trained, just like teamwork, customer-oriented behaviour and good communication. The same applies to exam preparation. At the new academy, effective learning methods, time management and capability to concentrate are taught.

The new academy is open not only to apprentices, but also to trainers, as their expertise contributes significantly to success of apprenticeships.