A new government policy action aims to make it easier for young people to choose their education, and to change course if they are unhappy with their choice.

The law –passed by Parliament end of April 2019 – also seeks to help more young people in the unemployment benefit system to complete a job-oriented education and training programme of high quality standard. All pathways leading young people to education or jobs are to be improved.

The law introduced a new referral taximeter system so that colleges are financially compensated for the subsidy they invest in ensuring learners’ timely and efficient placement in suitable vocational training programmes.

New ‘youth help’ and education bonuses are expected to steer young people away from the unemployment benefit system. Too many young people are stuck in the unemployment benefit system and find it difficult to complete their education. The 'youth help' will give them an opportunity to enter the labour market so that they are better equipped for education in the long term. A cash bonus reward is introduced for municipalities that keep more young people in education and training.

The new law seeks to improve and simplify several procedures, make young people aware of the many opportunities youth education provides, and help them to see their choices as less definitive than they do today. The aim is also to create more consistency between systems and structures throughout the public sector, focusing on the education system. Young people must be able to choose and finish the education path that is right for them and they must receive high quality education options.

The main tools are:

  • new subsidy and taximeter system;
  • better education coverage in sparsely populated areas;
  • several vocational schools and colleges under the same roof – offering better opportunities for guidance;
  • new referral taximeter system – smooth transition from colleges to vocational schools;
  • harmonisation of legislation;
  • strengthening ’Study Choice Denmark’, a national system of institutions responsible for guiding young people completing upper secondary education/ VET (Eux) in their choice of further education.

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