The SEE THE JOBS! platform is the latest initiative supporting the professional guidance of young people. It uses a ‘career lexicon’, matching instruments that help them discover suitable opportunities and descriptions of different professions.

Over 50 000 learners graduate every year in Bulgaria, and many have difficulty in deciding how to choose their next learning pathway or qualification. Career guidance is a challenge for learners, teachers and parents. Job shadowing and meetings with job representatives are not easy to organise, especially in the conditions of Covid-19 travel restrictions. The SEE THE JOBS! platform allows young people to ‘meet’ virtually with representatives of professions, to look at their jobs and to get acquainted with the characteristics and requirements of the job. This approach falls into the global trend for self-guidance through video storytelling and matching.

One of the main innovations of the platform is the ‘career lexicon’, a specially developed matching tool that connects learners and professionals who have similar interests and preferences in terms of work. The career lexicon contains a list of performance characteristics (dynamics, societal significance, structuring, mobility, autonomy) and examines whether they are valid and important for professionals and young people. After filling out the questionnaire, learners are directed to articles about professionals who have given answers similar to theirs and so are able to explore different career paths that would be potentially interesting to them.

Videos and text descriptions created by professionals help young people feel the atmosphere of the real working environment, get up-to-date information and useful first-hand advice, and thus find out if the respective professions are really suitable for them.

The platform includes over 60 articles with job descriptions, useful career guidance tips and tools; there are also over 400 videos with job descriptions and interviews with professionals gathered in thematic playlists on the initiative’s YouTube channel. It can be used individually by learners, as well as at school and online career guidance sessions.

SEE THE JOBS! is developed and supported by the Business Foundation for Education (BFE), a Bulgarian non-government organisation, established in 2005.

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