The past year was a very busy one for Cedefop. Among other things, the Centre published, in its latest policy report (A bridge to the future) an assessment of the Copenhagen process (2002-10); completed a study on green skills in cooperation with the ILO (Skills for green jobs); updated its skills forecast and carried out extensive work on skills mismatch; and contributed to the implementation of common European tools. 2011 promises to be an equally interesting year.

In the coming year, the Centre's plans include:

  • the publication of Cedefop’s research on the economic and social benefits of vocational education and training
  • the completion of a lifelong guidance policy review
  • a report on adult learning at the workplace 
  • an examination of the role of validation in enterprises
  • a study of labour market polarisation 

In addition, the Centre will continue its coordination of Study Visits for education and training specialists, its work on new skills for new jobs and the related issue of skills mismatches, and further development of qualification frameworks across Europe – an issue which will be examined in depth at a Hungarian Presidency conference in May.