SITES2006 has been designed as a survey of schools and teachers to examine the kinds of pedagogical practices adopted in different countries and the use of ICT in them.

The study administered questionnaires to thousands of principals, ICT coordinators and mathematics as well as science teachers in a probabilistic sample of, on average, 400 schools per country. The study provides: (i) international comparisons of various indicators, (ii) ICT in education policy recommendations and (iii) in depth analysis of the way in which ICT is impacting teaching and learning processes.

22 Education systems participated in SITES 2006, amongst them 9 from the EU: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain-Catalonia. 

The study started in October 2004 and the main data collection process was successfully completed towards the end of 2006. The final international report has just been released on March 2008.

Law, N., Pelgrum, W.J. & Plomp, T. (eds.) (2008). Pedagogy and ICT use in schools around the world: Findings from the IEA SITES 2006 study. Hong Kong: CERC-Springer

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