Vocational education and training (VET) is increasingly appearing in Slovenian public debate about developing an innovative, internationally open and environmentally friendly society.

The focus is on a responsive VET system that supports individuals in lifelong learning, regardless of the learning environment, on a sustainable and digital transformation of VET, on developing new forms of learning, and on strengthening recognition of non-formal and informal learning. At the local level, the school centres with their wide range of educational options and resources are attractive for young people, who have at their disposal modern inter-company training to acquire basic professional skills. The openness of educational programmes enables training in the fields that are prioritised by local companies. Approximately 65% of the population enrols annually in initial VET programmes. Upper secondary schools are open to all students, embracing both those who want to continue education and those who struggle to acquire a qualification. Due to the system’s openness and flexibility, and to well-designed counselling, the dropout rate is among the lowest in the EU, at 5%.

But there is still work to be done. Challenges in the coming period are: • the regulation of apprenticeship, which requires intensive dialogue between ministries and social partners; • ensuring the labour market relevance of initial VET qualifications at all levels; • encouraging more intensive involvement of companies in VET. Public and private adult education providers offer non-formal reskilling and upskilling programmes. The national vocational qualification system for recognising non-formal and informal learning has been successfully established in many companies and complements employee training. Formal continuing VET programmes are scheduled for introduction in the coming years. With the new national programme for adult education 2021-30, Slovenia will increase public and private investment in adult education. As the current EU Presidency holder, it will strive to renew the European agenda for adult learning to contribute to the development of integrated, high-quality and inclusive education systems for all, especially those who lack access to learning, including online learning.

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