Almost a quarter of young people who enrol in a VET program have already completed general upper secondary education (23% in 2018). Of learners who enrolled in a VET programme in 2018, 39% had already started another kind of education programme (Statistics Denmark 2019).

The statistics show that many young people complete more than one upper secondary education programme. The Danish Parliament and Government place great importance in ensuring that more young people choose the right upper secondary education to begin with. An apprenticeship or a diploma from a vocational academy is one of the safest ways to permanent employment. According to the Government, it is important that young people receive adequate guidance when deciding on their future.\

In spring 2020, the Danish Parliament agreed that the National Guidance Institution (Studievalg Danmark) – until now offering guidance for higher education only – can guide students on VET as well. To support this role, DKK 5 million (EUR 670 000) have been allocated. 

The Minister for Children and Education, Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil says: ‘Our society is in dire need of skilled labour, and right now there are many who choose general upper secondary education, but later end up starting a vocational education. This calls for better guidance, so more young people make the right choice earlier’.