The latest report charting the evolution of education and training systems across Europe and outlining clear policy messages for Member States was adopted by the European Commission on 13 November. The Education and Training Monitor 2014, with Cedefop among the contributors, is the Commission’s flagship indicators-based publication.

It combines, in a clear and concise format, the latest quantitative and qualitative data, recent technical reports and studies, plus policy documents and developments, drawing on the latest empirical evidence.

For this year’s edition, the third in an annual series, Cedefop has provided information on employability of vocational education and training (VET) graduates based on the findings of the forthcoming Cedefop policy report, as well as data from Cedefop’s statistical overviews (see link) and skill forecasts (see link). As in previous editions, for its analysis the Education and Training Monitor refers widely to Cedefop’s work and publications on various topics, such as labour market outcomes of VET graduates, skill analysis, apprenticeship and adult learning.

The Education and Training Monitor 2014 supports implementation of the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020) by strengthening the evidence-base for policy-making and links it to the broader Europe 2020 strategy and the country-specific recommendations adopted by the Council.

The full report, 28 country reports, as well as a visualisation tool to evaluate the performance and progress of the Member States in relation to the ET 2020 targets are available from the official website at: (