In the scope of a P-KAP: the support of action planning project 2016-20, a survey will be conducted in October and November 2018 among all upper secondary vocational schools and tertiary professional schools (more than 1300 schools in total). The goal is to understand the needs of the schools, particularly those related to achieving nationally defined priorities.

The first round of the survey from 2015/16 had a high response rate of 98%. It focused on priority areas defined by the Operational programme for research, development and education, jointly funded by the ESF: initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship competences development; polytechnic education; inclusion; vocational education and training (VET) and cooperation with employers; career guidance development; and development of schools as lifelong learning centres.

The follow-up survey will include several new areas from those in which schools showed high interest: digital competences, foreign languages, reading and mathematical literacy.  

The results of the survey will be used:

  • as a key input to school action plans and updates;
  • to evaluate and revise regional action plans for education;  
  • to evaluate school projects funded through the education ministry grant scheme in 2017; the evaluations will have to be attached when applying to the next call for grants.

The P-KAP project and the survey are under the National Institute of Education. The goal is to improve the quality of education strategic management by providing methodical support to stakeholders at regional and school levels in developing their action plans. The project aims to implement long-term strategic planning in school operations, as a tool for quality management, and to improve education policy coordination at school, regional and national levels. It is closely related to the Riga medium-term deliverable aimed at developing quality assurance mechanisms and establishing information and feedback loops in VET. By mid-2018 more than half of upper secondary VET schools and tertiary professional schools in the Czech Republic will have drafted their action plans.

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