Cedefop is organising in cooperation with the Centre for Research in Employment, Skills & Society (CRESS) a workshop on skill mismatch.

The aim of the workshop is to obtain a clearer insight into the relationship between work-based training, work organisation/human resource policies (e.g. recruitment, training, wage policies and performance appraisals, career development, job design) and skill mismatch within enterprises (see attached background note for a summary of the workshop's aims and objectives).

The objective is to strengthen our understanding of the incidence and impact of mismatch in different types of skills for firm performance, and of the underlying motives and incentives of enterprises with respect to the recruitment, training and career development of mismatched workers. The discussion of the workshop is intended to inform the European Commission’s policy goal of anticipating and matching the skills of the European workforce with the current and future skill needs of enterprises (e.g. Agenda for New Skills and Jobs).

Keynote speakers to the event include Prof. Michael Sattinger (University at Albany, New York) and Prof. Kostas Mavromaras (Flinders University, Adelaide, S. Australia). The workshop will also feature presentations by Dr. S. McGuiness (ESRI), Dr. F. Rycx (University Libre de Bruxelles), Dr. G. Mason (NIESR), Dr. R. Homkes (LSE) and representatives from Eurofound (Dr. M.Curtarelli) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) (Dr. A. Baron). A panel discussion session will host Dr. K. Rudiger (CIPD), Dr. W. Mueller (Director, German Federal Employment Agency, European Representation) and Professor K. Mayhew (Oxford University, Director of SKOPE) as speakers.

The final agenda is available below.

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