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To make and shape the green and digital transitions, Europe needs a skills revolution. Sitting alongside the current VET and skills policy framework and expanding funding opportunities, Cedefop EU skills intelligence is a key resource that helps unleash it. Skills intelligence provides sound and trusted evidence on labour market trends and skill needs, which guides policy- and decision-makers in focusing their efforts when investing in skills and in skills matching.

This report is one of Cedefop’s key contributions to the 2023 European Year of Skills. It broadens understanding of what has changed in EU labour markets in the past decade and uses Cedefop’s 2023 skills forecast, sectoral foresight and big data-powered analysis to track ongoing and future trends. The report blends different types of evidence to foster better understanding of the labour market and skills impacts of the twin transition and current and future labour markets tensions.

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Cedefop (2023). Skills in transition: the way to 2035. Luxembourg: Publications Office. http://data.europa.eu/doi/10.2801/438491


Skills in transition: the way to 2035

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